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Garity Charity Week 4 VOTE IS UP!

Alrighty - Garity Charity Week 4 VOTE IS UP!!!! Please vote for a charity for this weeks donation! Wed we will announce the winner, then DRAGONZIL and ZILCHESS giveaway night on the Thurs night :) Option 1: (Nominated by @CGPR90) Charity Name: Andys man club - Prevention of Male Suicide Website: Reg in AU/UK/US - UK Accept crypto: No Reason for nominating: Andys man club is a really good charity based in the UK to help prevent male suicide Option 2: (Nominated by @Franzi53, backed by @Alexatuffs) Charity Name: Himmelskind - Support grieving families in child loss Website: Reg in AU/UK/US - Switzerland (allowance made) Accept crypto: Possibly Reason for nominating: I lost my baby boy in 2017 after he was born and so many things went wrong. There was no possibility to say good-bye properly, we couldn't collect any keepsakes or take proper pict

How Much? $GARY holders are AWESOME!

Ok so after @henryh93 challenged me to work out the actual amount given away in the past 3 months pretty much of the start of the $GARY Token... All the full working out is here -  on the GIVEAWAY LIST - I will endeavor to keep this up to date moving forward..... So the figures... Total given away to $GARY Token Holders 201,499 ZIL ($26,702 USD!!!) Total given away to Charities (including one in flight) 223,200 ZIL ($20,238 USD!!!) Giving a grand total of 424,699 ZIL ($46,940 USD!!!). Please note that this does include prizes that have been donated to $GARY for giving away, and have been given away, still plenty in there to giveaway! Thankyou @henryh93 for forcing me to do it - its actually more than I thought! The generosity from everyone is a large contributor to this!

ZWAP Voting for next month - Please VOTE!

ZWAP voting continues and we would LOVE to continue our charity drives which we rely on ZWAP to make this happen! We are looking ok in the voting, but we could always do with more votes so if you have $ZWAP we would love for you to vote for us - you can vote with $ZWAP in LP, and vote for more than 1 tier!

Garity Charity Week 3 Amount Raised!

I wanted to formally announce the amount raised for the Week 3 Garity Charity donation drive... which is @ZillaQuest charity, and backed by @RodrigoAZ4.... Charity name: Papyrus - Prevention of young suicide Website: Reason for nominating: One of my closest friends and team mates growing up tragically took his own life at the age of 17. Its something which has massively affected my life. Thanks to all the $GARYS once again, and a totally shit market and STILL we get such a great response to this donation drive - this weeks charity the amount of... 61.200 ZIL - which is around $4,250 USD!! Just edging out our Week 1 charity winner. Its an enormous amount once again, and once again I'm pretty proud and speechless to all of your efforts.!! List of wallets that donated this week; zil1k9sv6slj3hafp6vaxza9akce0h946h8tm7uhwa zil1fl8kpj2q0zjntfssw784lkhlufm7pc6v4knkxl zil1s6zv596302kqqywje0n76mesc3vaqypprh6s7z zil134gf7hfp5csasq7tshusnd6g8wytjntk80e8ch zil1f63c

Garity Charity Week 3 Vote Winner

Garity Charity Week 3 Voting now finished - thankyou to all who voted, and the selection this week is Papyrus! With 100% of the vote... WOW... Charity Name: Papyrus - Prevention of young suicide Website: For those charities on the vote card that were not voted in, will all remain on there for next weeks vote. Also others can add if you have charities you want to add - they will need to pass a vetting check to ensure all the money is not wasted on admin fees and the like. For anyone that wishes to add to the donation to this weeks charity (this is not a mandatory thing - only if you want to!), please send it to (ZIL or ZWAP only please!). DM me if you want to let me know :) Or keep it anonymous - totally up to you. DONATION ADDRESS - thegarytoken.zil - I DO NOT want to post the actual wallet address this makes it more secure to get the wallet address. Use the zil1 address in there :) I will be donating the Z

Garity Charity Week 2 Amounts, and Week 3 Voting is up!

Whopping giveaway night last night - we gave away 0.36 $GARY (15,000 ZIL worth), 2500 $STREAM (Thanks @zilstream!), 11  dragon eggs, and 125 $ZCH thanks to @zilchess!! As you all know, we are doing the charity donations, and this weeks VOTE was Charity Name: SNAP (special needs and parents) Website: Well I am proud to announce... the amount raised is..... a whopping 105,000 ZIL worth of DONATIONS...!!!!! Absolutely SMASHING the week 1 record of 57,000 ZIL.... I am absolutely gob smacked by that amount - it is truly something else. @Gary_M14 will be the one to give over this donation... :) which once converted is 7038.34 GBP, or $9,727.09 USD!! This amount is on the way to Gary M Bank and we will provide the receipt for the donation in a few days. Making the total now given to charity a whopping $15,954.48 USD!! In 2 weeks! That's just an amazing effort and all the $GARYS should be proud of that... List of donating wallets this we

Week 2 Garity Charity and ZIL Downtime Update

Last call for donations for this weeks charity - I will be closing this off and announcing the final amount on the Sunday night $GARY Lotto nights going forward :) Charity Name: SNAP (special needs and parents) Website: DONATION ADDRESS - thegarytoken.zil -  you can just use thegarytoken.zil direct in ZilPay :) Unfortunately with ZIL down, Dragonegg and zilchess night have been moved to Sunday night so its a pretty mega Sunday coming up! Normal $GARY draw with 10,000 ZIL worth of $GARY in 5 prizes, some more Dogzilliqa still in the giveaway pile.. and Dragon Egg giveaway... 11 more eggs off to new homes.. AND the start of our ZILCHESS giveaway thanks to Stefano from ZILCHESS! (see pinned msgs) remember you will win double if you have played a game on within the week of the draw. this will be extended within the last 2 weeks for the first draw :) After all the draws, you can come a

Week 1 Garity Charity Donation HAS NOW BEEN DONATED!

Ok... here it is... Week 1 Garity Charity Donation HAS NOW BEEN MADE! Ended up being a grand total of 57,000 ZIL (after selling the SCO, GZIL and ZWAP given along with the ZIL donated). This converted to USDT then to AUD, ended up with a MASSIVE donation of AUD$8,303.58!! That's $6,227 USD! Again, I know I have already said it multiple times... but THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU to you all - you all made this happen, not me. This is truly an exceptional community in $GARY. Lets hope the generosity continues into the following weeks as well. I am well and truly blown away.,..

Garity Charity Donations Week 1 Amounts, and Week 2 Voting Launched

The charity stuff to start with, I've now closed off entries for the 1st Week charity.... which was Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia... and I have to say to everyone... WOW... the amounts given here are totally insane.. we shot well past my target of 20% of the ZWAP rewards... the GARYs banded together to donate the following WEEK 1... 12,000 ZIL 8.738 GZIL 12.89 ZWAP 1,000 SCO That is truly massive - and THANK YOU ALL for your generosity, in what is a pretty shitty time in the markets. zil17zngdr88nf3efn4v5gxay79dwvx077sc0uf8ts zil1xjcgn2vrc9xjtvsuqt9dvkw3nzvrqru900naew zil1j6cerw9vufjfavhn8er7eu7s9syndapxknhp03 zil134gf7hfp5csasq7tshusnd6g8wytjntk80e8ch zil1qrclj9zeyshnj526caz9gxuqg06y2mup0ay69x zil18wapc9kws3w6kk6e4677nfp98udw6u2n35stpu zil1hkxwf5elhq4ereln7uejcd3sjsq7emt45eqxj2 zil17rk7da3pk7eqqpy9v4k4v0rrl782e3uen7xz5u zil1ly6pesvgp33ell3273vqu3y7f00e8dazt278tc zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg zil1rqvrkws3tmx77a8gsmk7dug9kckdcljh6yax24 zil1wh7axvvyl0vc92kmvhvtndug24

Dragonegg/ZILChess night - ZILChess Joins the Giveaways!

NEXT THURS - Dragon eggs again... and thanks to $ZCH we have a new competition that we will run alongside the Dragon Egg night... has generously donated 1000 ZCH (.3% of circ supply) towards Gary giveaway lotto's over the next month. For the following 4 Thursdays, we will draw a lottery of 125 ZCH to split between 5 winners (25 ZCH per winner). As a bonus, if your wallet has played a game of Zilchess (any room) within one week before the drawing, you will be awarded DOUBLE the prize (50 ZCH total!). Good luck, and let's all thank Zilchess by joining their telegram and checking out their platform. TG link - Depending on the double reward it might go an extra week or 2, but aligns nicely as an addition to Dragon night - now will be called DRAGONCHESS knight!

Garity Charity Week 1 Winner!

Garity Charity Week 1 Voting now finished - and I'm blown away at the support here - thankyou to all who voted, so the Week 1 donation will be to... Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia!! Thankyou from the bottom of my actually a bit lost for words... from less than 3 months ago creating a token for myself... to this.. is kind of out of control... For those charities on the vote card that were not voted in, will all remain on there for next weeks vote! Also others can add if you have charities you want to add - they will need to pass a vetting check to ensure all the money is not wasted on admin fees and the like. For anyone that wishes to add to the donation to this weeks charity (this is not a mandatory thing - only if you want to!), please send it to (ZIL or ZWAP only!). DM me if you want to let me know.. Or keep it anonymous - totally up to you. DONATION ADDRESS - thegarytoken.zil -  - I DO NOT want to post the actual w

First Garity Charity Vote Launched!

Pretty big week this week... we will start off with a vote today on the charity of the week! this is where some of us will be giving away a portion of some of our ZWAP rewards to charity! a few of us have banded together for this, and is no way mandatory IN ANY WAY to be forced to do this... First is a vote for the charity, then I will be providing an address for all others that wish to follow (thegarytoken.zil will be the wallet address). if you don't and need the money - thats cool too - zero pressure from anyone. maybe you dont like the charity of the week or have another charity you want to give to - that's cool too please post if you do we would love to see the giving shouted out! any money we give is already a big plus! So look forward to that vote, look forward to the ZWAP drop ,and look forward to the first donation! in amongst all of that will be the next set of DRAGON eggs to give away Thursday night 1pm GMT.. and looks like I need to put my dragon back into the ARENA

ZWAP, and the Voting Portal, and the birth of Garity Charity!

WOW another big update incoming.. its amazing how many things happen in 2-3 weeks! I got busy again so hadn't got around to updating here, so here we go! We have already had 2 governance votes (I enjoyed the beer selection!) and another on some 88  DragonZil  eggs that were donated by an anonymous $GARY! See the results of both of those on  Once i get through this update you will be seeing a few more governance votes on the way... I wont keep posting the lotto results here anymore, and will clean them up from the above, but they are ALWAYS available on this spreadsheet that we use for the LOTTO...  $GARY Lotto Results Also we have created one for the DragonZil Lotto here -  $GARY DRAGONEGG Lotto Results We were luckily in a position to be on the vote card for T3 ZWAP rewards on  ZilSwap  and the results are below - THANKYOU to everyone that voted, and further updates will follow of what you will see from us as a result of that! - Results here -  Vot