Garity Charity Donations Week 1 Amounts, and Week 2 Voting Launched

The charity stuff to start with, I've now closed off entries for the 1st Week charity.... which was Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia... and I have to say to everyone... WOW... the amounts given here are totally insane.. we shot well past my target of 20% of the ZWAP rewards... the GARYs banded together to donate the following WEEK 1...

12,000 ZIL
8.738 GZIL
12.89 ZWAP
1,000 SCO

That is truly massive - and THANK YOU ALL for your generosity, in what is a pretty shitty time in the markets.


Special mentions to all the donators above!!

Also once I do the sale of the tokens to AUD, I will show you all the images and documentation for the final $$ amount donated.

and talking about donations and charities - The WEEK 2 vote is now up and ACTIVE!!

This one has 4 charities listed, so get VOTING! Hopefully all can be as generous second time around!

Option 1: (Nominated by @Gary_M14 and backed up by @henryh93)
Charity Name: SNAP (special needs and parents)
Reg in AU/UK/US UK
Accept crypto: No
Reason for nominating: Its an Essex based non profit charity close to where I live. My little boy has autism as some of you know and this charity has a play center where all kids with special needs can go and enjoy them selves. I've been there with my wife a few times to see all the children playing and having fun they also do a lot more stuff for the other families less fortunate. I honestly cant go there as much as I should because I don't like to see some of the mums and children struggling there. Some of the parents there literally break down watching there kids having fun.

Option 2: (Nominated by @ZillaQuest and backed up by @RodrigoAZ4)
Charity name: Papyrus - Prevention of young suicide
Reg in AU/UK/US UK
Accept crypto: No
Reason for nominating: One of my closest friends and team mates growing up tragically took his own life at the age of 17. Its something which has massively affected my life.

Option 3: (Nominated by @CGPR90)
Charity Name: Andys man club - Prevention of Male Suicide
Reg in AU/UK/US UK
Accept crypto: No
Reason for nominating: Andys man club is a really good charity based in the UK to help prevent male suicide

Option 4 (Nominated by @Vikasramgonx)
Charity Name: CryptoRelief Help India fight the Covid emergency
Reg in AU/UK/US - TBA (its crypto anyhow, so not sure it matters)
Reason for nominating: Covid in India, thousands of peoples lost there life and still counting. If Gary can do something it is really appreciated And this campaign is running by matic co-found Sandeep Nailwal.

this seriously has one of the best weeks of my life to organise something like this. DM me if you have a charity you would like to add to the vote..

One thing I should add here - none of this would have been possible without the help of ALL of you. everyone in this channel MAKES this channel. its a community, and everyone is part of that. special mentions to the admin and our outreach man in @Gary_M14 @ZillaQuest @tronwitty22 and @LeifShackelford. there has been many many more more people that has given me priceless advice from about day 3 onwards of the token creation on what to do, ideas etc., far too many to name individually, but you all know who you are! The support has and IS amazing from each and every one of you.

TUESDAY - you will find out how much was handed over to CF WA..
WEDNESDAY we will find out who the Charity is for WEEK 2 donations...
THURSDAY!! its Dragon Egg giveaway night... 11 more eggs off to new homes.. AND the start of our ZILCHESS giveaway thanks to Stefano from ZILCHESS! (see pinned msg) remember you will win double if you have played a game on within the week of the draw..

After all the draws on THURS, you can come and join all the GARYs in a game of chess, we are going to take over the Bobby Fisher Room in ZILCHESS to play against one and other - get your game in for next weeks draw! (its 150 ZIL games in the Bobby Fisher Room). As always find us in TG on


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