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Big Update on whats going on..

A big update today catching up after going camping.. super thanks to all especially @ZillaQuest for holding the fort while I was away! :) First Week 6 Lotto Results... A Massive shoutout to fellow GARY Alex LeBlanc for giving away an additional 5 prizes of 100 SCO to 5 more lucky GARYs! $GARY Lotto Results Also, just to give you an update on some of the things I have planned coming up, and a bit of housekeeping/catchup. 1) GARY lotto will continue to run Sundays (5 x 0.2 GARY prizes this Sunday). I will try and aim it to around 10,000 ZIL per week in giveaways in GARY weekly. As most know so far we have given away 60,000 ZIL. There is roughly 20 GARY to go, so approx. 20 weeks (depending on the price of GARY) moving forward. 2) There have been quite a few people that want to donate and giveaway other tokens and others that feel like giving back to this awesome community - you can deposit them here if you like - zil17rk7da3pk7eqqpy9v4k4v0rrl782e3uen7xz5u and then DM myself, or @ZillaQue