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The 3 NFTs were just random rolled in the Gary Token TG channel :) To all the donators for the last week.

The 3 NFTs were just random rolled in the Gary Token TG channel :) Right we are closed off.. and here are the entries for the draw..! 1 zil1yrepcru4f2s7dptgfzwgn557hd3ygxexchuu4g 2 zil188zg6zs8r2f2u053tdt3mw7csdpptgwzx7knzm 3 zil1e2tlevwfx6u7ngzvl23ud2hq80cjnmqtyakamh 4 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 5 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 6 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 7 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 8 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 9 zil1e2tlevwfx6u7ngzvl23ud2hq80cjnmqtyakamh 10 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 11 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 12 zil1p4ekf9nw0429wmz9zwt96htjvdqqrfhkmsx6zg 13 zil1yrepcru4f2s7dptgfzwgn557hd3ygxexchuu4g 14 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 15 zil1ly6pesvgp33ell3273vqu3y7f00e8dazt278tc Will reroll (me) 16 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 17 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 18 zil1ly6pesvgp33ell32

GARY Giveaway night! Week 35, 5 prizes of 0.28$GARY. Rolled numbers: 7, 24, 77, 79, 101

GARY Giveaway night! Week 35, 5 prizes of 0.28$GARY. Now 487,331 ZIL ($52,567.18 USD) given away in the random draws! Gary Lotto Draw Entries Number 1 zil100luz6r9hcyw5j35x7uut4kgqhg6tk92hzt0d5 2 zil1052vgt2vl0jpydl2xe02xvk7lcpawx4pen3ud2 3 zil1083lk2m846ec8et4v2dgl5f7c5ug4t0ygc3et5 4 zil10dr2unmmw23ytwhd63nxgt8u9frl8p264vy7gq 5 zil10fs7lwg2drexequgatfh5w6cmsegqqzcxe4rhl 6 zil10k046zknj52rcgp9k0q90yj9fshfulddwpm5v4 7 zil12cr689y4kgj7gnkp0njwk4gepycs08zyurfrwz 8 zil12en9rmx8rw8du2ldczje3hvu32f0gy650azrhx 9 zil12guzxuc930hu8lndlkg2xzqs35x5d3m4zq0q0v 10 zil12hadnee8dg46rxghwqh6ewqw6exksg7psyxyms 11 zil12j6qgmsma0gk2dzgvxkcjr8gx803xgtj8d5gun 12 zil12jf2lh2dtvqhgcxwcta8652wznleg5ka32xpgr 13 zil12rae2ctn27f8d6f4hgx6u59966ctzvje8yes54 14 zil12u4epwx0h8ucxp4uynnk0awgpscc0av08gw9uy 15 zil134gf7hfp5csasq7tshusnd6g8wytjntk80e8ch 16 zil13emzm8ldu5pnh5kk3ez929t9fth5vn3tglkvs2 17 zil13tunegv4leqfxt9xswrzsxkdlsem5ej3k9fdv5 18 zil146lld2za3flup4wnfjc4knwu7ejpazywwwtze8 19 zil14czrxqryw7x7fnfpjx3aamp

Space Monster AUCTION!!!

We have this awesome SPECIAL Space Monster (thanks for the donation @SimonPdv !!)  going up for Auction on ARKY shortly... reserve is at 1500 zil, buyout at 5000 zil.. but at 5pm my time Friday (3 days - when the sale expires), I will accept the biggest offer on at that time.. Different way of running an auction :) THIS IS NOW UP and ready to access offers or a buy out. Remember there is a 1500 zil reserve.

Garity Charity for December Voting now finished - Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia

🔥🔥 Garity Charity for December Voting now finished  🔥🔥 With 56.73% of the vote (and 4 of 9 voters), im super proud to announce our December charity is...  THANKYOU to those votes from myself being its a charity pretty close to my heart (I think everyone is well aware I have Cystic Fibrosis). Charity Name: Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia Website: For anyone that wishes to add to the donation to this months charity (this is not a mandatory thing - only if you want to!), please send it to (ZIL or ZWAP only please!).  DM me if you want to let me know :)  Or keep it anonymous - totally up to you. DONATION ADDRESS -  gary.zil —> THIS CAN BE put into the wallet address when sending funds in Zilpay :)  If not using zilpay use zil1k9sv6slj3hafp6vaxza9akce0h946h8tm7uhwa PLEASE ZWAP OR ZIL ONLY - any other tokens will be returned to the owner - the intent is not to dump on zil proje

Garity Charity Decmber VOTE IS UP!!!!

Garity Charity Decmber VOTE IS UP!!!! 11 on the list this month - MEGA VOTE (poll was clear) (PREFERRED SITE, works better for me) (If zilstream doesnt work for you) It costs you NOTHING to vote, no transaction fees.. TOTALLY FREE!!!! Please vote for a charity for this month donations!  Vote closes Monday night Sing/Perth time!  We have already started collecting as well for the charity. Final collection amount will be on the 26th December.  And as per previous msgs, we will be having a break from the charity giving for Jan/Feb so we can all have a bit of a break, and come up with a bigger and better plan heading in March..

A conversation with PELE Network!!

Was lovely having a chat!! :) Stay tuned to more colab more than likely!

Awesome HOOD llama giveaway/raffle!

Final day to get into the draw for the awesome HOOD llama.. We will be running an event for the final week, where any donators over 250 zil (up to 1000 zil) will get you a ticket in the draw for one of the awesome Llamas by @SimonPdv. 250 zil donated to gary.zil this week - 1 ticket for the Llama Draw! 500 zil - 2 tickets 750 zil - 3 tickets 1000+ zil - 4 tickets! This one (and a few more!) were Donated by @DaBianXiaozi !! THANKYOU!! Currently - there is 2 TICKETS ONLY SOLD... Up our amount for the charity for November and get yourself a ticket!!! About 8-10 hours to go :) We will be announcing the final amount for the November charity tonight as well! RIGHT!! time to draw the random draw for the Robin HOOD Llama!! Here are the entries... 1  -  zil1gfcxf96pjqad3sqcu9xqs2erlhykn7ee6q6n0k 2  -  zil1p8wwgyg7gzh6xammfcmpuah4qe0072pwks9ryn 3  -  zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 4  -  zil1p8wwgyg7gzh6xammfcmpuah4qe0072pwks9ryn 5  -  zil1gfcxf96pjqad3sqcu9xqs2erlhykn7ee6q6n0k 6  - 

Formally announcing the amount raised for the November Garity Charity donation drive - Kelvin Kenneth Du Preez Family

Formally announcing the amount raised for the November Garity Charity donation drive...  ❤️ Charity Name:  Kelvin Kenneth Du Preez Family ❤️ Website: Super thanks to all the $GARYS once again... and a super THANKYOU to all the ppl that donated this month in the form of giveaways, and this month we were lucky with the Physical coin auction that bought in a nice amount of ZILS, and @Vyxmensx comics as well! 35,200 ZIL!!! - which is around $2,423 USD at the current price... though the family has requested the donations in $ZIL.    zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg zil1p8wwgyg7gzh6xammfcmpuah4qe0072pwks9ryn zil1gfcxf96pjqad3sqcu9xqs2erlhykn7ee6q6n0k zil1x4zten3r8ad0n8xntl46pecwpk0x207v3cymyt zil1x4c8wf6mvdt38vqksnugxzj9xw80ymycmmk8g3 zil1fxsjd3q3404j7v7cdg4pff6vnuph5p7cfx9y6c zil1erxerpwh7nv4qx7svg332urc4fdg9m9nr5j48e zil1k9sv6slj3hafp6vaxza9akce0h946h8tm7uhwa zil1p4ekf9nw0429wmz9zwt96htjvdqqrfhkmsx6zg And just to give y

$GARY MEGA Giveaway Sunday - Week 34! 8 x prizes of 0.20 GARY totaling approx 15,872 ZIL ($1,102.15 USD) and a whopping 22 NFTS!! Rolled numbers: 10, 17, 33, 34, 45, 53, 74, 105, 120, 128, 129, 134, 135, 144, 145, 147, 164, 195, 198, 200

  We have... a whopping 22 prizes i think i count tonight! 1.6 $GARY (8 prizes of 0.2 $GARY) 7 OAC NFTS! 2 Muskdrop videos 2 Hallowe'en 2021 $DZB Coins!! ( DRAGON-ZIL-BATZ NFT) thanks to @Vikasramgonx!! 3 Squid Life NFTS from @TobyMcL (Thanks!) Also an announcement - we only have around 4 $GARY left after tonight to giveaway... We are working on another awesome project, that the $GARY holders will see some airdrop benefits from.. but unfortunately at this time I cant share much about it, and might be a month or 2 off yet. To make sure we can still continue to do some giveaways, until we can share some info, we will be changing the $GARY giveaways from weekly, to every 2 weeks. We managed to do 34 weeks of giveaways, so this will be the first major change in the giveaways for a bit (remember it was supposed to be a 10 weeks of giveaways only haha) In that time, we have given away to $GARY holders 449,459 $ZIL worth of value (or approx $50,000 USD!!). Gary Lotto Draw Entries Number 1

Zillaquest is playing in the Zilchiil (Red Chillis) Chess competion today!! Wish him luck!!

GOOD LUCK IN THE @RedChilliesLabs $ZIL World Championships! @ZillaQuest #zilliqa For all those that want to watch...