Formally announcing the amount raised for the November Garity Charity donation drive - Kelvin Kenneth Du Preez Family

Formally announcing the amount raised for the November Garity Charity donation drive... 

❤️ Charity Name:  Kelvin Kenneth Du Preez Family ❤️


Super thanks to all the $GARYS once again... and a super THANKYOU to all the ppl that donated this month in the form of giveaways, and this month we were lucky with the Physical coin auction that bought in a nice amount of ZILS, and @Vyxmensx comics as well!

35,200 ZIL!!! - which is around $2,423 USD at the current price... though the family has requested the donations in $ZIL.   


And just to give you an idea what Garity Charities has done so far across 9 charities now... a whopping 462,800 ZIL ($41,125.60 USD) has been donated to date...

This one was extra special to me personally, to be able to help out someone who was involved with the ZIL ecosystem, and so tragically lost, leaving behind  a wife & 3 kids. 😢

We will be putting out calls for nominations for the December Garity Charity, which a vote will go up later in the week, and chosen next Sunday...

We will have lots of Auctions going on, OAC have their special XMAS NFTs, and try our hardest to make the December charity a good one! (Will finish on the Sunday 26th Dec).

But, the December charity will be the last one we do, then we will be giving it a break for a few months (no charity for Jan or Feb), and we will get back into the charity Giveaways in March 2022!! 

Truth is, we are all due for a bit of a break, and aligning with our big School holiday over Xmas and through to end of Jan, it made the most sense for me.

When we return with the charities, it might be in the same format, maybe we consider another format - if you have any ideas DM me! :)


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