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THE LAST EVER! GARY Giveaway night! Draw 41, 5 prizes of 0.08 $GARY. Rolled numbers: 2, 59, 122, 129, 130

Hello all - hopefully @ZillaQuest is on over the next hour or so and we can do the final ever GARY Giveaways!!  We have 0.25 $GARY left, but im going to throw in a bit extra to make it 0.4 $GARY (0.08 GARY per prize of 5 prizes). We are ironically a fortnight from $GARYs token creation date 1 year ago!! Ive managed to get my hands on some stuff we have been working on slowly slowly over the past 5 months, thats finally starting to see some wheels turning - and i hope in a fortnight to give you all some teaser info in a fortnight or so :)   Im super excited about it.  There will be def some airdrop opportunities for long term holders so dont sell out just yet! Anyhow hopefully we can do the draw soon.. Time flies! Cant believe this is the final ever $GARY giveaway Gary Lotto Draw Entries Number 1 zil100luz6r9hcyw5j35x7uut4kgqhg6tk92hzt0d5 2 zil1083lk2m846ec8et4v2dgl5f7c5ug4t0ygc3et5 3 zil10dr2unmmw23ytwhd63nxgt8u9frl8p264vy7gq 4 zil10fs7lwg2drexequgatfh5w6cmsegqqzcxe4rhl 5 zil10k046zknj