The 3 NFTs were just random rolled in the Gary Token TG channel :) To all the donators for the last week.

The 3 NFTs were just random rolled in the Gary Token TG channel :)

Right we are closed off.. and here are the entries for the draw..! 1 zil1yrepcru4f2s7dptgfzwgn557hd3ygxexchuu4g 2 zil188zg6zs8r2f2u053tdt3mw7csdpptgwzx7knzm 3 zil1e2tlevwfx6u7ngzvl23ud2hq80cjnmqtyakamh 4 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 5 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 6 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 7 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 8 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 9 zil1e2tlevwfx6u7ngzvl23ud2hq80cjnmqtyakamh 10 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 11 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 12 zil1p4ekf9nw0429wmz9zwt96htjvdqqrfhkmsx6zg 13 zil1yrepcru4f2s7dptgfzwgn557hd3ygxexchuu4g 14 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 15 zil1ly6pesvgp33ell3273vqu3y7f00e8dazt278tc Will reroll (me) 16 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 17 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 18 zil1ly6pesvgp33ell3273vqu3y7f00e8dazt278tc Will reroll (me) 19 zil1yrepcru4f2s7dptgfzwgn557hd3ygxexchuu4g 20 zil1yrepcru4f2s7dptgfzwgn557hd3ygxexchuu4g 21 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 22 zil1yrepcru4f2s7dptgfzwgn557hd3ygxexchuu4g 23 zil1e2tlevwfx6u7ngzvl23ud2hq80cjnmqtyakamh 24 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 25 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 26 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 27 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 28 zil1ly6pesvgp33ell3273vqu3y7f00e8dazt278tc Will reroll (me) 29 zil188zg6zs8r2f2u053tdt3mw7csdpptgwzx7knzm 30 zil188zg6zs8r2f2u053tdt3mw7csdpptgwzx7knzm 31 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 32 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 33 zil188zg6zs8r2f2u053tdt3mw7csdpptgwzx7knzm 34 zil1ly6pesvgp33ell3273vqu3y7f00e8dazt278tc Will reroll (me) 35 zil1e2tlevwfx6u7ngzvl23ud2hq80cjnmqtyakamh 36 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 37 zil188zg6zs8r2f2u053tdt3mw7csdpptgwzx7knzm 38 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df 39 zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg 40 zil1p4ekf9nw0429wmz9zwt96htjvdqqrfhkmsx6zg
Rolls 23 zil1e2tlevwfx6u7ngzvl23ud2hq80cjnmqtyakamh SQIRTLE 20 zil1yrepcru4f2s7dptgfzwgn557hd3ygxexchuu4g Elephant 38 zil10jx5apv2zcauzfn2f2wehgd2utfhpezaa3h2df Voodoo Child Deets:

Thanks all the for the donations in the first place of the NFTS, and then everyone for donating for a chance to win them :)
Puts our total up for Decembers Garity Charity to 9,000 $ZIL, which is pretty good given the environment at the moment.  We do have 1 remaining NFT so that will also get added to the December total, if and when we can do that one.

We arent having any charities for Jan and Feb (time for a little break, given the lack of $$ around understandably


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