Awesome HOOD llama giveaway/raffle!

Final day to get into the draw for the awesome HOOD llama..

We will be running an event for the final week, where any donators over 250 zil (up to 1000 zil) will get you a ticket in the draw for one of the awesome Llamas by @SimonPdv.

250 zil donated to gary.zil this week - 1 ticket for the Llama Draw!

500 zil - 2 tickets

750 zil - 3 tickets

1000+ zil - 4 tickets!

This one (and a few more!) were Donated by @DaBianXiaozi !! THANKYOU!!

Currently - there is 2 TICKETS ONLY SOLD...

Up our amount for the charity for November and get yourself a ticket!!!

About 8-10 hours to go :)

We will be announcing the final amount for the November charity tonight as well!

RIGHT!! time to draw the random draw for the Robin HOOD Llama!!

Here are the entries...

1  -  zil1gfcxf96pjqad3sqcu9xqs2erlhykn7ee6q6n0k
2  -  zil1p8wwgyg7gzh6xammfcmpuah4qe0072pwks9ryn
3  -  zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg
4  -  zil1p8wwgyg7gzh6xammfcmpuah4qe0072pwks9ryn
5  -  zil1gfcxf96pjqad3sqcu9xqs2erlhykn7ee6q6n0k
6  -  zil1p8wwgyg7gzh6xammfcmpuah4qe0072pwks9ryn
7  -  zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg
8  -  zil1p8wwgyg7gzh6xammfcmpuah4qe0072pwks9ryn

I will do a quick roll of the dice for the winner :)

Darthgus (Gary) rolled 7 (from 1 to 8)

Congrats to zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg for the wonderful Llama, and thanks to the 3 wallets for the donations :)


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