Dragonegg/ZILChess night - ZILChess Joins the Giveaways!

NEXT THURS - Dragon eggs again... and thanks to $ZCH we have a new competition that we will run alongside the Dragon Egg night...

ZilChess.com has generously donated 1000 ZCH (.3% of circ supply) towards Gary giveaway lotto's over the next month. For the following 4 Thursdays, we will draw a lottery of 125 ZCH to split between 5 winners (25 ZCH per winner). As a bonus, if your wallet has played a game of Zilchess (any room) within one week before the drawing, you will be awarded DOUBLE the prize (50 ZCH total!). Good luck, and let's all thank Zilchess by joining their telegram and checking out their platform. TG link - https://t.me/joinchat/m1OYHR8g9qBjMDc0

Depending on the double reward it might go an extra week or 2, but aligns nicely as an addition to Dragon night - now will be called DRAGONCHESS knight!


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