ZWAP, and the Voting Portal, and the birth of Garity Charity!

WOW another big update incoming.. its amazing how many things happen in 2-3 weeks! I got busy again so hadn't got around to updating here, so here we go!

  • We have already had 2 governance votes (I enjoyed the beer selection!) and another on some 88 DragonZil eggs that were donated by an anonymous $GARY! See the results of both of those on Once i get through this update you will be seeing a few more governance votes on the way...

  • I wont keep posting the lotto results here anymore, and will clean them up from the above, but they are ALWAYS available on this spreadsheet that we use for the LOTTO... $GARY Lotto Results

  • Also we have created one for the DragonZil Lotto here - $GARY DRAGONEGG Lotto Results

  • We were luckily in a position to be on the vote card for T3 ZWAP rewards on ZilSwap and the results are below - THANKYOU to everyone that voted, and further updates will follow of what you will see from us as a result of that! - Results here - Voting!

  • The final thing I would like to finish off with is what we are up to next...

    It's time to start setting up gathering information for potential charities to give away to!! to start with, I was hoping to have about 20-25% of the pool for charities, but so many people in LP now it turns out the giveaway account now only has 2.5% of the pool haha.. oh well giving to charity any amount will do. I know this will be topped up by many others (NOT compulsory) so hopefully we can make it a fairly good weekly amount, and try to get to that 20% target I set. I could sell some of the giveaway $GARY to up the LP for this purpose, but I don't want to do that either, so will keep it as is.

    Right so 1st step is - we need charities on the vote card next week! how we are going to do the charity giveaway, is we will get the list from you guys, vetted them all to ensure they fit the criteria, then all of you will vote on the one to get the donation for the week. once 1 has won, it will be off the vote card for 4 week at which time it can return.

    Remember, the whole premise of the charity donations only works while we are getting ZWAP rewards, and if and when we don't get them, this initiative will stop, unless we come up with another way to fund it. :) make hay while the sun shines.

    If anyone doesn't want to share the charity in the channel, or wants to keep the suggestion anonymous, DM myself, @ZillaQuest @tronwitty22 or @Gary_M14 in the Gary Token TG submit a charity, please provide the following information...

    Charity Name?
    Is the charity registered in the US, UK or Australia or able to be donated from one of these?
    Do they accept crypto?
    Reason for nominating? (This one is optional)

    We will be ensuring charities are giving most of the money into service delivery/research, and low on Administration.

    I will leave the charity submissions open until Monday, at which time the first vote will go up, and that vote will complete just after ZWAP rewards weekly. If anyone wants to donate some of their weekly ZWAP rewards, or any other amounts you wish to put towards the charity for the week, I will setup a wallet for this purpose, and via DM talk to you if you want it to be anonymous, or named, etc. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT COMPULSARY to donate, no-one is going to think less of you - its just something some of us want to do to give back.

    Any questions/comments on the above - just contact me or chat in the channel :) Will keep you all up to date with the charity stuff and where it goes!

  • Oh 1 last thing - we have now given away over 100,000 ZIL worth of prizes to $GARY token holders - I originally set out to do a 10 week lotto, but this will now continue until we have nothing else to give away!


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