Garity Charity Week 3 Amount Raised!

I wanted to formally announce the amount raised for the Week 3 Garity Charity donation drive... which is @ZillaQuest charity, and backed by @RodrigoAZ4....

Charity name: Papyrus - Prevention of young suicide
Reason for nominating: One of my closest friends and team mates growing up tragically took his own life at the age of 17. Its something which has massively affected my life.

Thanks to all the $GARYS once again, and a totally shit market and STILL we get such a great response to this donation drive - this weeks charity the amount of...

61.200 ZIL - which is around $4,250 USD!!
Just edging out our Week 1 charity winner.

Its an enormous amount once again, and once again I'm pretty proud and speechless to all of your efforts.!!

List of wallets that donated this week;

And a special note from @ZillaQuest - Hey everyone. Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all of your generosity so far in the Garity charity drive. I am absolutely blown away with the money we have raised this week. It genuinely warms my heart to see such compassion and selflessness coming from you all. I am so grateful to be involved with something that consistently shines a ray of light onto the world. Thank you!

Here are some more pictures of my mate Eddie (more pics on TG) so that you have a face to go with his name. He was a great lad who was full of life and would never hurt a fly. He had a keen interest for lacrosse and was a tremendous athlete. He also enjoyed train watching with his dad although he would never have liked to admit it haha Eddie threw the first house party I ever went to and introduced me to some of the closest friends I have, even today.


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