Week 2 Garity Charity and ZIL Downtime Update

Last call for donations for this weeks charity - I will be closing this off and announcing the final amount on the Sunday night $GARY Lotto nights going forward :)

Charity Name: SNAP (special needs and parents)
Website: https://www.snapcharity.org/

DONATION ADDRESS - thegarytoken.zil - https://viewblock.io/unstoppable/thegarytoken.zil you can just use thegarytoken.zil direct in ZilPay :)

Unfortunately with ZIL down, Dragonegg and zilchess night have been moved to Sunday night so its a pretty mega Sunday coming up! Normal $GARY draw with 10,000 ZIL worth of $GARY in 5 prizes, some more Dogzilliqa still in the giveaway pile.. and Dragon Egg giveaway... 11 more eggs off to new homes.. AND the start of our ZILCHESS giveaway thanks to Stefano from ZILCHESS! (see pinned msgs) remember you will win double if you have played a game on https://www.zilchess.com/ within the week of the draw. this will be extended within the last 2 weeks for the first draw :)

After all the draws, you can come and join all the GARYs in a game of chess, we are going to take over the Bobby Fisher Room in ZILCHESS to play against one and other :) get your game in for next weeks draw! (its 150 ZIL games in the Bobby Fisher Room).

Also last call out for anyone that wants to nominate any other charities to be added to the Week 3 vote! :)


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