Garity Charity Week 4 VOTE IS UP!

Alrighty - Garity Charity Week 4 VOTE IS UP!!!!

Please vote for a charity for this weeks donation!
Wed we will announce the winner, then DRAGONZIL and ZILCHESS giveaway night on the Thurs night :)

Option 1: (Nominated by @CGPR90)
Charity Name: Andys man club - Prevention of Male Suicide
Reg in AU/UK/US - UK
Accept crypto: No
Reason for nominating: Andys man club is a really good charity based in the UK to help prevent male suicide

Option 2: (Nominated by @Franzi53, backed by @Alexatuffs)
Charity Name: Himmelskind - Support grieving families in child loss
Reg in AU/UK/US - Switzerland (allowance made)
Accept crypto: Possibly
Reason for nominating: I lost my baby boy in 2017 after he was born and so many things went wrong. There was no possibility to say good-bye properly, we couldn't collect any keepsakes or take proper pictures. I felt so alone cause no one could really understand what it means to lose a baby. And no one really talks about it. Pregnancy loss and child loss are such taboo topics.
I made it a mission to support grieving families in those worst moments of their live and founded a non profit organization in Switzerland. We offer free grief counseling and support in the acute situation. We care about all the admin stuff, help understand rules and rights, organize rituals and collect all these precious memories. We run self support groups and workshops and work hard to break the taboo by talking about it, writing about it, organizing events and interviews with the media. We support also people in Germany and Austria and any English speaking families.

Option 3: (Nominated by @USMC0811)
Charity Name: Veterans Healing Farm
Reg in AU/UK/US - US
Accept crypto: No
Reason for nominating: As a prior military person I had to go through some stuff in my personal life that were really life changing for me. The transition for me was hard and to this day is something that I have to cope with not only me but also my family. Sometimes when we come back from deployments we don't have any one or we lost a friend during the process, we loose connection with real life and we just can't function. I got out from the Marines back in 2012 and till this day is a challenge. We have 20 veterans a day commit suicide a day. Our government doesn't care about us and this charity seem to be doing good. Is helping us become human again.


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