Garity Charity Week 1 Winner!

Garity Charity Week 1 Voting now finished - and I'm blown away at the support here - thankyou to all who voted, so the Week 1 donation will be to... Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia!!

Thankyou from the bottom of my actually a bit lost for words... from less than 3 months ago creating a token for myself... to this.. is kind of out of control...

For those charities on the vote card that were not voted in, will all remain on there for next weeks vote! Also others can add if you have charities you want to add - they will need to pass a vetting check to ensure all the money is not wasted on admin fees and the like.

For anyone that wishes to add to the donation to this weeks charity (this is not a mandatory thing - only if you want to!), please send it to (ZIL or ZWAP only!). DM me if you want to let me know.. Or keep it anonymous - totally up to you. DONATION ADDRESS -
thegarytoken.zil - - I DO NOT want to post the actual wallet address this makes it more secure to get the wallet address. Use the zil1 address in there.. I will be donating the ZWAP that the giveaway account has in LP, plus 25% of my own ZWAP earned on $GARY LP.

I will sweep this account on Tuesday night my time, and organise the donation. I will be taking screenshots of all transactions along the way for proof of delivery to the charity of the week. Any donations to the account after that date will be donated to the following weeks charity. Sunday night my time after the Lotto draw I will put up the next vote for Week 2. Due to being picked this time, the 'Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia' charity will be off the list for the next 3-4 votes (depending how many charities we end up with, we may increase this some to ensure most/all get a shot).

Any questions/queries please DM me or chat in the channel
And looking forward to DRAGON egg night tomorrow night 1PM GMT Thursday.


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