First Garity Charity Vote Launched!

Pretty big week this week... we will start off with a vote today on the charity of the week! this is where some of us will be giving away a portion of some of our ZWAP rewards to charity! a few of us have banded together for this, and is no way mandatory IN ANY WAY to be forced to do this...

First is a vote for the charity, then I will be providing an address for all others that wish to follow (thegarytoken.zil will be the wallet address). if you don't and need the money - thats cool too - zero pressure from anyone. maybe you dont like the charity of the week or have another charity you want to give to - that's cool too please post if you do we would love to see the giving shouted out! any money we give is already a big plus!

So look forward to that vote, look forward to the ZWAP drop ,and look forward to the first donation! in amongst all of that will be the next set of DRAGON eggs to give away Thursday night 1pm GMT.. and looks like I need to put my dragon back into the ARENA!! we also still have out Zilchess giveaway to come - just awaiting on confirmation when we will kick that one off..

The first Garity Charity VOTE is now live... (thanks @ShannonFinley for the name!)
The charities on the vote;
Option 1: (Nominated by myself)
Charity Name: Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia
Reg in AU/UK/US? Yes
Accept Crypto? Unlikely
Reason for nominating? This one is close to my heart, as I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, which is an inherited life threatening disorder that damages the lungs and digestive system.

Option 2: (Nominated by @ZillaQuest and backed up by @RodrigoAZ4)
Charity name: Papyrus: Prevention of young suicide
Reg in AU/UK/US UK
Accept crypto: No
Reason for nominating: One of my closest friends and team mates growing up tragically took his own life at the age of 17. Its something which has massively affected my life.

Option 3: (Nominated by @CGPR90)
Charity Name: Andys man club
Reg in AU/UK/US UK
Accept crypto: No
Reason for nominating: Andys man club is a really good charity based in the UK to help prevent male suicide

Option 4 (Nominated by @Vikasramgonx)
Charity Name: CryptoRelief Help India fight the Covid emergency
Reg in AU/UK/US - TBA (its crypto anyhow, so not sure it matters)
Reason for nominating: Covid in India, thousands of peoples lost there life and still counting. If Gary can do something it is really appreciated And this campaign is running by matic co-found Sandeep Nailwal.

Get voting.. and lets get some funds into a charity. remember - you can vote with GARY in your wallet or in LP The vote will be up until about Wednesday 10:30am GMT.
For anyone wanting to donate - your ZWAP or any other ZRC-2 token or ZIL itself can be donated to : thegarytoken.zil ( - I DO NOT want to post the actual wallet address this makes it more secure to get the wallet address. Use the zil1 address in there..

I will sweep this account the Fri or Sat after ZWAP rewards weekly and organise the donation. I will be taking screenshots of all transactions along the way for proof of delivery to the charity of the week. Any donations to the account after that date will be donated to the following weeks charity.


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