How Much? $GARY holders are AWESOME!

Ok so after @henryh93 challenged me to work out the actual amount given away in the past 3 months pretty much of the start of the $GARY Token...

All the full working out is here - on the GIVEAWAY LIST - I will endeavor to keep this up to date moving forward.....

So the figures...

Total given away to $GARY Token Holders
201,499 ZIL ($26,702 USD!!!)

Total given away to Charities (including one in flight)
223,200 ZIL ($20,238 USD!!!)

Giving a grand total of
424,699 ZIL ($46,940 USD!!!).

Please note that this does include prizes that have been donated to $GARY for giving away, and have been given away, still plenty in there to giveaway!
Thankyou @henryh93 for forcing me to do it - its actually more than I thought!

The generosity from everyone is a large contributor to this!


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