Amount raised for the December Garity Charity donation drive.

Now onto the amount raised for the December Garity Charity donation drive... 

❤️ Charity Name:  Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia ❤️


Super thanks to all the $GARYS once again... and a extra THANKYOU to all the ppl that donated this month in the form of a raffle for donating - something we might use more of in the future!  And a special thanks to OAC for their xmas catalogue that they donated all to us also - THANKYOU!!  Also to PELE Network for the Pelecans, Simon for the Space Monster, and Kenee for the 2 LLamas!

Our Dec total is 9,500 ZIL - which is around $725 AUD at the current price... a lot less than our previous months, and shows the reason we are breaking for a few months to come up with a better formula..


And just to give you an idea what Garity Charities has done across 10 charities since we started...  472,300 ZIL ($41,857.86 USD) has been donated...

But, the December charity was the last one we do (no charity for Jan or Feb), and we will get back into the charity Giveaways hopefully in March 2022!! 

When we return with the charities, it might be in the same format, maybe we consider another format - if you have any ideas DM me! :)

EDIT FEB - Finally did the donation


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