Garity Charity November VOTE IS UP!!!!

Garity Charity November VOTE IS UP!!!!

3 on the list this month - keep the charities nominating in for next month!

It costs you NOTHING to vote, no transaction fees.. TOTALLY FREE!!!!

Option 1: (Nominated by @Ellis_UFFS)
Charity Name: PATA - Sámara Animal Rescue
Reg in - Costa Rica
Reason for nominating: Where I live in Costa Rica there are a couple of places that can always use donations. One is called Patas and they help stray animals.

Option 2:
Charity Name: Kelvin Kenneth Du Preez Family
Not registered.
Reason for nominating: Two months ago, $Port lost a team member to #COVID19.
Kelvin passed away unexpectedly in August in South Africa, leaving behind a wife & 3 kids.

Option 3: (Nominated by @DarthGus)
Charity Name: John Fawcett Foundation
Reg in - AUS
Reason for nominating: The John Fawcett Foundation (JFF) is a humanitarian not-for-profit organisation which assists needy people in Indonesia (Bali), particularly in the field of sight restoration and blindness prevention.

Please vote for a charity for this month donations!  Vote closes next Sunday night before lotto
!  We have already started collecting as well :)


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