Garity Charity Charity for OCT - Cajun Navy Relief - 34,000 ZIL (roughly $3,846 USD)!

Formally announcing the amount raised for the October Garity Charity donation drive... 

❤️ Charity Name:  Cajun Navy Relief ❤️


Nominated by @Oy_TheVault

Thanks to all the $GARYS once again... and a super THANKYOU to the anonymous donator of a chunk of a DEMON sale (you know who you are!), @HeyGoAudio from ZILBATZ for his awesome contribution, and also OASIS of amazing creatures for all the donations and NFTs given...

34,000 ZIL - which is around $3,846 USD at the current price!!   


We have i think 3 on the voting card so far later in the week, and will include the tragic death of a $PORT employee who have recently setup a donation address.

And just to give you an idea what Garity Charities has done so far across 9 charities now... a whopping 427,216 ZIL ($38,638.24 USD) has been donated now!


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