$GARY Giveaway Sunday - Week 25! 5 x prizes of 0.1 GARY totaling approx 11,000 ZIL ($1179 USD)

Alrighty!!! Welcome to $GARY giveaway WEEK 25!!!!

Spreadsheet - on the W25 Tab.. - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1msRCWxJql6kvbBBpSQqjo1j7NyqOcv3BKUaMOgCHJ2E/edit?usp=sharing

Tonight is 5 prizes of 0.1 GARY totalling approx 11000 ZIL (around $1179 USD!)....

0.10 GARY  

zil1g7w4umqtnyw9pjuk4c4eezkcgeep0knmheuq29  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/a1bb0e3ababe4091b85e0baf69818d7015ea0185f86d65d0bdea98e9b57f90d1?network=mainnet

zil1p8erv28a8lrq55y4n78jykd4lk4vlg48yd3pfm  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/c4371a768a3d09333197db9a25bb424c5d28bf6cd65eb5c7361dc12af00f788b?network=mainnet

zil100luz6r9hcyw5j35x7uut4kgqhg6tk92hzt0d5  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/7ce802590be85d98438c0d8b06b6464c41dd9a48f930b8ceddacd20801bba5a8?network=mainnet

zil1kx6j6ynn25s3tqerrvncj0ucfkjchyf222spyh  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/1f617cbe2b22183de4ad134b373b5fdc5040d10099364f8562b39e08a06eaddd?network=mainnet

zil19swf5wfzf3w7lp26juunntcvtrupy9eyqey9lr  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/b2be2986d88fd19a8c56bf346badab68abf378c3006f0cacb83da8d031b51cf4?network=mainnet

All the prizes sent out! Grats all!

Ok just a reminder on our charity for Sept... we have 2 weeks of collections to go for "Kayleigh's Wee Stars - Support for families" - https://www.kayleighsweestars.co.uk

For anyone that wishes to add to the donation to this months charity (this is not a mandatory thing - only if you want to!), please send it to (ZIL or ZWAP only please!).  DM me if you want to let me know :)  Or keep it anonymous - totally up to you. DONATION ADDRESS - 

thegarytoken.zil —> THIS CAN BE put into the wallet address when sending funds in Zilpay :)  If not using zilpay use zil1k9sv6slj3hafp6vaxza9akce0h946h8tm7uhwa

PLEASE ZWAP OR ZIL ONLY - any other tokens will be returned to the owner - the intent is not to dump on zil projects.

The current tally is 8,100 ZIL, so we would like to see that higher of course!! :)


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