$GARY Giveaway Sunday - Week 23! 5 x prizes of 0.1 GARY totaling approx 11,000 ZIL ($1,234 USD)

OK... $GARY Lotto tonight.. 5 prizes of 0.1 $GARY totalling 11,150 ZIL (or $1400 USD approx worth)....

@ZillaQuest looks to be not around (GET WELL SOON!). i dont get to do the rolling much.. i think I will do it tonight :)

0.1 GARY  

zil1dn65gu59kpnsspej0lfkaju3vxgnurff52xwh5  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/2afb4cbccc679698266d34f29981e0269021e34fd16652379e001d99d77a347e?network=mainnet

zil1qqtpsvcm7nwcdq6djeyg6jauyxps6wttz9fljt  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/a1609eaaa16eacd86849dc6708bbb0e7edd91ec784e4d5cce202618736fa494c?network=mainnet

zil14yape3pepzfejrw0f89wm4nrulvkrhaz4rjcqh  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/fdff6c32ab9ddb232a42b9781098639ed627df07197dc3971258c1af47de766e?network=mainnet

zil14gjgjmw3cf0vvzewshtux422zafhq89cq796cx  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/a9443941807a177ecc1b533bada23828e403928e93d5b71450e88d17bbf343a1?network=mainnet

zil1eyez0nq23qtpy36tjsww36wm6pqg2kltps4qv0  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/7519def99e539079bab64f29a0bb152334b3bf905411fec38f54d983e5718a80?network=mainnet

Grats again to the winners tonight!

Just a reminder to vote if you havent yet!!  A couple more days to go on the vote!

Garity Charity September VOTE IS UP!!!!

Only 2 on the list this month - keep the charities nominating in for next month!


It costs you NOTHING to vote, no transaction fees.. TOTALLY FREE!!!!

Please vote for a charity for this month donations!  Vote closes next Tuesday!  We have already started collecting as well :)

Tues we will announce the charity of the month!


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