$GARY Giveaway Sunday - Week 21! 5 x prizes of 0.15 GARY totaling approx 11,500 ZIL ($1,254 USD)

Tonight's $GARY giveaway was 5 prizes of 0.15 GARY, totaling approx. 11,500 ZIL!  

Spreadsheet link - on the W21 Tab - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1msRCWxJql6kvbBBpSQqjo1j7NyqOcv3BKUaMOgCHJ2E/edit?usp=sharing

0.15 GARY  

zil1gdcwx0f5qqtv58pa86llh8vhkp2597xj0sx2yf  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/12777f3eeefd16898c2cbc93b35e95170fbd4ae2097200e96a7e064b1b55445f?network=mainnet

zil16u8u8rjc3zk9ch4m7ad6ten5uhe59hyhyaknj5  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/5e988e9ee500deff6cdf96117cb2afd935a17fbd5b06c53f2230e3f40767f703?network=mainnet

zil1p8erv28a8lrq55y4n78jykd4lk4vlg48yd3pfm  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/9735266b1b81b2a7be313f7218f1f9518786eedb8739df8cacfc246c883fff17?network=mainnet

zil1ms35znyvtav93hxrgh05vjw0fl636cthmkmetq  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/4e61485b898efdae39bc0d089e8d95c59e3067f8193e0491009dbc832757d41b?network=mainnet

zil19r233xu4hpspu6ge2l3a0dautgcfaprpcaykyg  https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/92f3f71205ea1788e0caa7e93f10de6d0b83368b80efa23570558c5a83af1cd7?network=mainnet

might be my record for getting out the prizes tonight also!  Grats to all the winners..

Just an update on the charity of the month!  We are now up to 12,200 ZIL! :) Slowly slowly.. we would love more wallets donating big or small amounts :) 🔥 1 WEEK TO GO!! 🔥 

thegarytoken.zil —> THIS CAN BE put into the wallet address when sending funds in Zilpay :)  If not using zilpay use zil1k9sv6slj3hafp6vaxza9akce0h946h8tm7uhwa

PLEASE ZWAP OR ZIL ONLY - any other tokens will be returned to the owner - the intent is not to dump on zil projects.


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