Garity Charity Charity for the last half of July - SafeNet - Victims of Domestic Violence - 22,450 ZIL (roughly $2k USD)!

Alrighty... time to formally announce the amount raised for the July Garity Charity donation drive... (well half of July, this one went for 2 weeks)

❤️ Charity Name: SafeNet - Victims of Domestic Violence ❤️


Nominated by @westbound519 

Thanks to all the $GARYS once again... really good seeing it still going except with a longer timeframe now..

22,450 ZIL - which is around $2,000 USD!!   

Its an enormous effort once again, really warms my heart to see!


We need some new choices for the following month so if anyone in here would like to put forward some good charities who will benefit nicely from our donations please don’t think twice about putting them forward.  We can see the charities are getting less and less nominated, and at this stage, we will be putting back on all charities again onto the vote card unless i get another 2-3 in the next day 2 when the Vote will go up for the Charity for August

And just to give you an idea what Garity Charities has done so far across 6 charities... a whopping 348,850 ZIL ($31,294 USD) has been donated now!


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