Garity Charity Charity for August - Andys man club - Prevention of Male Suicide - 21,350 ZIL (roughly $2,347 USD)!

Alrighty... time to formally announce the amount raised for the August Garity Charity donation drive... 

❤️ Charity Name: Andys man club - Prevention of Male Suicide ❤️


Nominated by @CGPR90 

Thanks to all the $GARYS once again... really good seeing it still going except with a longer timeframe now..

21,350 ZIL - which is around $2,337 USD at the current price!!   

Its really good to see its still a nice amount being donated - we have had to lengthen the time between charities because of the market conditions, and other factors, but $2,337 USD is still a huge amount for a monthly donation.  We would obviously like more wallets donating - any amount adds to the amount we can donate! :)


We need some new choices for the following month so if anyone in here would like to put forward some good charities who will benefit nicely from our donations please don’t think twice about putting them forward.  We can see the charities are getting less and less nominated, and would love some more!! The 2 from the last vote will move onto this week vote. (likely put it up next Friday or so for voting).  So 4-5 days to send me potential charities!

And just to give you an idea what Garity Charities has done so far across 7 charities... a whopping 370,200 ZIL ($32,506.40 USD) has been donated now!


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