Week 4 Charity Donation Video - Veterans Healing Farm

Hey all - just wanted to share with you all a special video that was made by @MrOlelo - He was entrusted with the delivery of the Week 4 of Veterans Healing Farm (http://veteranshealingfarm.org)..  which I expected him to send it in... oh no.. he decided to take a 2,500 MILE journey (I think that is only 1 way too - ill let him correct!), have a holiday, and deliver it IN PERSON (OMG!)... Fantastic effort and extremely blown away by that..... anyhow i wanted to share the video he made explaining and showing the farm, and how appreciative of the donation they were.   What a fantastic and lovely thing these people do.  amazing..

This is a sneak peak, it might get made into a "flashier" version later, but i wanted you all to see it as is as I did !


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