Garity Charity Week 6 VOTE up!

Only 2 on the list this week - Once again calling for 1 more nomination for next weeks vote!

Option 1: (Nominated by @CGPR90)
Charity Name: Andys man club - Prevention of Male Suicide
Reg in AU/UK/US - UK
Accept crypto: No
Reason for nominating: Andys man club is a really good charity based in the UK to help prevent male suicide

Option 2: (Nominated by @westbound519)
Charity Name: SafeNet - Victims of Domestic Violence
Reg in AU/UK/US - US
Accept crypto: No
Reason for nominating: This non-profit has been providing services for victims of domestic violence for over 40 years, free of charge.
They provide a number of critical services such as an emergency shelter of a non-disclosed location. Over 500 victims are sheltered each year, with over half of that number being children under 12 years old. They also provide counseling, legal representation, children’s programs and transitional housing.

I submit this charity for consideration as it is near and dear to my life. My mother has been working at this charity for 31 years this year. She has a deep passion and purpose to serve these women and children who are victims of violence… she has been a victim of much domestic violence herself as a wife and mother of 5.

Please vote for a charity for this weeks donation!

Wed we will announce the winner, then the final DRAGONZIL and ZILCHESS giveaway night on Friday night this week due to myself being unavailable Thurs..


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