Garity Charity - moving to monthly donations - CHARITY OF THE MONTH!

Garity Charity... usually Sunday night we announce the amount we have raised for the Charity..! and get the vote setup for the next one.

Unfortunately, and we have noticed this over the last 2 weeks also, that we have had some burnout over having weekly donations, along with the terrible drop in prices and crypto in general.

In the last few weeks number of wallets donating has dwindled significantly.

The last few weeks got propped up by some lucky trades.. but this week shows the extent of the issues we now face.

So, on that end after consulting with quite a few people, we have decided to move the Garity Charity to a monthly event, that is we will collect for the charity over the month, and then do the donation at the end of the Month.  also before the new month starts, we will do the same - vote in a new charity of the month.

This will allow for people to donate maybe once a month, or whatever they feel comfortable with.  ANY amount people is a great amount for these.

So, our current Charity, 

Charity Name: SafeNet - Victims of Domestic Violence

Will be our charity for the rest of July, so 2 more weeks, and then we will announce the amount for this charity!

Really... all that is changing is the timeframe from weekly, to monthly.

If after 2 more weeks of this charity, that we don't notice anymore funds coming, maybe we will have to revisit again, but that's how we have decided to pivot for now.

Will repost this for anyone that wants to make a donation over the next few weeks!

Garity Charity for JULY!

Charity Name: SafeNet - Victims of Domestic Violence
Nominated by @westbound519 

For anyone that wishes to add to the donation to this weeks charity (this is not a mandatory thing - only if you want to!), please send it to (ZIL or ZWAP only please!).  DM me if you want to let me know :)  Or keep it anonymous - totally up to you. DONATION ADDRESS - 

thegarytoken.zil —> THIS CAN BE put into the wallet address when sending funds in ZilPay :)  If not using ZilPay use zil1k9sv6slj3hafp6vaxza9akce0h946h8tm7uhwa

PLEASE ZWAP OR ZIL ONLY - any other tokens will be returned to the owner - the intent is not to dump on zil projects.

I will be donating the ZWAP that the giveaway account has in LP, plus some of my own ZWAP earned on $GARY LP every week.  I hope that all the $GARY holders can continue to give like they have been!

I will sweep this account this on the last Sunday of the month, Any donations to the account after that date will be donated to the following months charity, we and will announce the amount at $GARY lotto Sunday.  

Any questions/queries please DM me or chat in the channel...


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