What is the GARY Token?

Ok this might come out pretty long - ive had many sleepless nights working out how to put all this together... but let me start at the start...

Right - how this started. I wanted to learn more about the blockchain, and I have been a long standing member of the ZIL community since the start - I was in the slack channels WAY before the ICO, and was lucky enough to participate in it. I have held ZIL ever since.

About 3 months ago I ended up spending a lot of time on the Telegram forums of Zilliqa, and started to make quite a few friends, and stuff, and they got me to look into how to create tokens, and get into maybe building a dapp for ZIL.

So.. then it was born.. i decided one of the friends on there was also named Gary.. so screw it ill make a Gary Token.. So the Gary Token was born 25th March 2021. See contract creation here (if you want i can explain how to make one really easy! Hats off to the Zil Core Team!- now the only issue is I wanted to create it with 1 MILLION COINS.. however because I used 4 decimal places, apparently when you get asked for the total supply its supposed to include this haha.. oh well..

THERE IS NOW ONLY 100 GARY TOKENS EVER (with 4 decimals)

I then sent the other Gary who i built the Gary Token for - 20 of them (he has since gifted 4-5 to others) and he was ecstatic as I was that we had our own token. This was purely built as a bit of an inside joke..

It was a good laugh, and he mentioned, he my mate wants to buy one off you he is super happy you made them. I said - you know what I wouldn't mind trying how to create a liquidity pool on zilswap.io and so I did. I sent a bunch to the rest of my mates as well, and some to my dad and other family members, and also a few other people i have been doing a lot of zil work with. Everyone thought this was a blast.. a lot asked for their own tokens too!

As this was all going on I have been away down south for a few days, and this is where it all got interesting.. someone else purchased some from Zilswap. I was like... WHAT?

So I thought - wow - if people want to buy it sure, ill keep providing more liquidity for people to buy more. Why people would want to buy this? This is just a GARY token.. Well turns out people want to buy it.

Then the forums were just lit up with all the comments like the Wise words to the right here -

Wise Words

"Gary doesnt need support, hes a snail and crawls up only"

"I own 1 GARY. I am 1% Gary."

"Only those without Gary say such things about Gary"

"GARY is for civilized investors, who like to buy PORT, and GZIL, not some pleb who buys BOLT"

"Gary is the way."

"First rule about Gary token is you can't talk about Gary token haha"

"No one has the same effect as the GARY"

- Various Posters on TG

I have never laughed so hard in my life..

Then I had to ponder - I MUST have to give these people what they want - So some suggestions so far is that GARY Token holders will eventually be able to use a voting portal to what Beer I drink on a Sunday.. how does that sound?

Another one from the TG - I say its used to fund, expose, and kick out any scam coins that try to make their way into the ecosystem, and then it pays a bounty out to all involved, determined via voting rights, just a good thought

If you have anything you would like me to consider for GARY Token holders, please let me know.

Please know why the above this token was created, and it is just a FUN token, and will be used for this. Some have mentioned being the Dogecoin of the Zil world. please be careful and know how it was made and what its original purpose was... i don't want to hear people were using this as an investment vehicle - it is not its purpose. Please I hope i have explained enough and you understand this fully.

Since this is now such a big thing, I have decided I will only keep 8 GARY tokens for myself (plus whatever is left in LP I think maybe 3?) and I will PLEDGE to you all that I will only sell 1 every 30 days maximum from this point forward. I was initially just filling back the LP to keep 5 available, but i was crashing the price (not on purpose I didn't know what it was doing!!), but since then I think 4-5 people are now providing LP.

Just to reiterate - I will have about 10 tokens, about 40 tokens that were given away to friends, family, helpers, the other Gary, that have helped me so far, as well as some LP providers, or even some people that just asked for them!. Some of these were promised to them before this took off. About 16 were sold or are providing LP on Zilswap. A lot of these people are now in the ZIL community and/or now exploring the Zil Ecosystems, including trying out Dapps like REDC, Package Portal...

That leaves around 36.059 GARY that is now in a separate wallet, and will be given out as random prizes, etc. in the future. I will get it removed from the circualted supply. I will follow on with an update to the website once I know how we will do this....

An Update from the first 3 months of GARY...
A bit of an update after the 1st 3 months, and we now run twice a week lotto draws, giving away at least 10,000 ZIL worth of $GARY, and a lot of other prizes that we are given to give away.

Then... once we started to get ZWAP LP rewards, we now give away to charity weekly! The Garys nominate, then vote on the charity of the week.  Read the blog posts to get an idea of how much :)

Links to the Garity Charity information - Garity Charity

Links to the $GARY Lotto information - $GARY Lotto


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